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Abrakebabra Chips, Burgers, KebabsClosed till further notice, .Unknown
BB'S CafeBurgers, Breakfast Boxes, Lunches, WingsBack Soon, Stay SafeUnknown
Bethlehem AthloneBurgers, Pizzas, Kebabs Payne's Lane, AthloneUnknown
Clare Burger Co.BurgersMin Order, €15Unknown
Enzo's Chips, BurgersMin Order, €10Unknown
Robs Ranch House AthloneBurgers, Pizzas, Buffalo WingsBack Soon, Stay SafeUnknown
SupermacsChips, BurgersMin Order, €10Unknown
The Dark HorseBurgers, Wings, Ribs, CocktailsAthlone, TownUnknown
The Swagman BarBurgers, Buffalo WingsWine St Sligo , Wine St Slio Unknown
YOLO Bar & KitchenBurgers, Pastas, Curry DishesBack Soon, Stay SafeUnknown
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