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Knox's Storehouse RestaurantAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €12Unknown
The Bailey AthloneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsBarrack Street, AthloneUnknown

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Molly FultonsAppetisers, Mains and DessertsCarrickhenry, SligoUnknown
Murphy's Law AthloneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsAthlone, AthloneUnknown
No. Forty OneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €15Unknown
Portside AthloneAppetisers, Mains and Desserts7 St Peter's Port, AthloneUnknown
The Market BarAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €15Unknown
The PeppermillAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €10Unknown
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