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OsakaSushi, Sashimi, JapaneseRestaurant Own Driver, Min Order €15Unknown

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Al Numero Uno Pizzas, PastasMin Order, €12Unknown
Bun BrosBurgersComing, SoonUnknown
Clare Burger Co.BurgersMin Order €15, Restaurants Own DriverUnknown
Enzo's ChipsMin Order, €10Unknown
Four Star PizzaPizzasComing, SoonUnknown
Kaifein Cafe Soups, Sandwiches, Bagels Min Order, €10Unknown
Knox's Storehouse RestaurantAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €15Unknown
La StradaItalian Pasta and PizzaMin Order , €20Unknown
LanaAsian Street foodMin Order, €12Unknown
No. Forty OneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €15Unknown
O'Brien's Bagel FactorySandwiches, Lunches, Bagels Min Order, €10Unknown
PassatempoItalian CuisineMin Order, €10Unknown
Rowan Tree Cafe BarAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €10Unknown
Souper CafeSoups, SandwichesComing , SoonUnknown
Subway EnnisSubs, Salads, DeliMin Order , €10Unknown
SupermacsChips, BurgersMin Order, €10Unknown
The Alley Asian FusionAsian FusionRestaurant Own Driver, Min Order €12Unknown
The Market BarAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €15Unknown
The PeppermillAppetisers, Mains and DessertsMin Order, €10Unknown
TulsiIndianMin Order, €12Unknown
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