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18CTea AthloneBubble Tea, Tea, SmoothiesMcCormack Centre, 2, Athlone, AthloneUnknown
Circle K AthloneOff Licence/ ShopCircle K, Dublin Road, AthloneUnknown
Murphy's Law AthloneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsAthlone, AthloneUnknown
Old Town Street Food AthloneCurry DishesBonnavalley, AthloneUnknown
Pavarotti's AthloneItalian Pasta and PizzaLeft Bank, AthloneUnknown
Portside AthloneAppetisers, Mains and Desserts7 St Peter's Port, AthloneUnknown
Robs Ranch House AthloneBurgers, Pizzas, Buffalo WingsIrishtown, AthloneUnknown
The Bailey AthloneAppetisers, Mains and DessertsBarrack Street, AthloneUnknown

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Bethlehem AthloneBurgers, Pizzas, Kebabs Payne's Lane, AthloneUnknown
Dead Centre BrewingPizza, Craft BeersCustume Pier Apartments, AthloneUnknown
Thai Kin Khao AthloneThai Street Cuisine1 Abbey Land , AthloneUnknown
The Silver Oak Indian AthloneIndian Cuisine14-16 Church Street, AthloneUnknown
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